Creative Birthday Party Ideas

When your child has a birthday, it can be loads of fun! The cake, the gifts, the guests...the party! But if you don't plan ahead, the party planning might just overwhelm you. With these helpful children's birthday party ideas, we try to make it a little easier on you. With the right planning, you'll be able to pull off a star quality birthday party for your little celebrity.

One popular children's birthday party idea today is to theme a party around your child's favorite television show. Using Sesame Street or Barney and Friends as a guide, you can plan a party your child will love. With a Teletubbies cake and cardboard cut-outs of the characters, your little one will enjoy turning three. Or get Ninja Turtles plates, pizza and green punch to thrill your older child. You can even hire someone to dress as the characters from the show!


A great children's birthday party idea is a pirate themed party. Pirates are very popular these days thanks to pirate-themed movies and television shows. A cake made in the shape of a pirate ship will thrill the buccaneers at your party. Swedish fish and fish-shaped sandwiches are just a couple of fun foods you can have to go with the theme. And a delightful treasure hunt ending in chocolate gold coins is a great pirate-themed birthday party activity.

Another fun children's birthday party idea is a party that is themed after a location. A fun island party can be planned using Tiki Torches, glasses of Hawaiian punch with umbrella's, and shell necklaces. Or plan a fun Mexican fiesta with taco's, a piñata, and paper sombrero's. A French or Italian party can be a lot of fun as well. Serve food typical of the region and find music and decorations that represent the culture.

The most important thing when choosing a children's birthday party idea or theme is to consider the child's personality. Try not to get too caught up making it gender-specific or showy. If the child is old enough, consider including them in the planning. As long as your child enjoys the party, then it is a big hit!

Creative Birthday Party Ideas

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Fun Ideas For Kids to Foster Creativity

Having kids around for the summer after a long school year can cause boredom. Kids have the tendency to play video games or want to go places that cost money with their friends. What can you do to entertain your kids and their friends during the summer months? Here are a few fun ideas to help. Depending on the age you are looking to entertain, the activities can be adjusted to accommodate their needs.

One activity to have kids do is to create a scrapbook journal. If you live in an area that has state parks, or hiking trails, you can have the kids collect, draw and write about what they see around them. If you are not allowed to carry out plant samples or rocks, kids could use a digital camera or other camera to capture an image of what interests them. With the pictures, you could have them upload them to a computer and then write and print their experiences. If you want to inspire the artist in your child, buying them some water- based paints and They could do this with any activity, from playing in the sprinklers in the yard to riding their bikes with friends.


Another low cost activity is to take kids to local museums and libraries. If you have a university close by, their museums may be free and have shows that can inform and entertain kids. Local libraries may also have story time and activities that can provide kids with mind challenging activities. It might be good to let the child get a library card and take them to check-out a new book a week. This will encourage reading, as well as teach them how to find things in a library.

The summer is a time for kids to have fun. Even though they are not in school, kids can learn, experiment, and expand their horizons by creating lasting memories. These memories can vary from a simple activity to other more elaborate planned out activities.

Fun Ideas For Kids to Foster Creativity

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Creative Genius, TIPS to Unleash Yours: Be a Life Long Learner

Ongoing learning shows us that the world is changing and that we continuously have to reinvent and rewire. When I read a book by Thomas Friedman entitled "The World is flat," I learned much about our global world and how we're all connected to one another. I was especially intrigued when he said, "You cannot remain analog in this digital world." It's true. A person who keeps learning is a person who doesn't stand still. As the years pass, we can either rewire or retire. If we wish to keep our minds alert and alive we have to continue to be active learners at every age.

I talk about learning by reading and by listening to others, but there's also a special way of learning that's tied to the creative side each of us has. When I started painting, I began to see the world with new eyes. I took the time to carefully observe nature and the things around me. Now, years later, I take pleasure in noticing new things each day. My world constantly expands and becomes more fascinating. Whether you're a painter or a poet or a photographer or a musician, you can find great inspiration in the world around you. Your creative side urges you to look and listen and discover, and each new discovery nurses and bolsters your creative side.


The joy and power that comes from learning are vital for creative success. Many years ago I came across a wonderful book by Hal Urban, Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 things I Want My Kids to Know. The title was so catchy that I was compelled to buy it. Discussing success in one of the chapters, Urban wrote that, "success is more than making money" and explained what it was that successful people actually did. At one point, he explained that, "successful people have a strong desire to learn about life, the world and themselves." I couldn't agree more! If you keep learning things that matter, then you know you are leading a successful and productive life.

Creative Genius, TIPS to Unleash Yours: Be a Life Long Learner

How do you tap on your Creative side and be a Creative Genius?

Discover the number one resource we all have been trying to explore and derive our own success through our own creative side. Learn to explore your own creative genius from the expert.

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Be Creative - Five Tips to Stimulating Your Creativity

No matter what walk of life you may find yourself in, creativity is an asset. I've seen people be creative in career endeavors and others be creative in putting together dinner parties. It adds spice and zip to life, not only to your own life but to the lives of those around you. Here are my five tips for stimulating your creativity.

1. Turn off auto-pilot. Ever drive somewhere and suddenly realize that you didn't recall making a turn, only to discover you'd been on "auto pilot?" When we repeatedly perform the same tasks over and over, there's a natural tendency to find ourselves giving little awareness to what we are doing.


To stimulate your creative juices try going a different way to work, turning down a different street. When you comb your hair, put the part on the other side. Stir your coffee with the other hand. Brush your teeth with the other hand. It will feel a bit peculiar, but you'll be very much in the moment.

2. Variations of a theme. Just as Mozart or Beethoven may have written a theme, and then variations, be creative. Practice this same approach in your day to day life.There are many things that we do without much thought or enthusiasm. Find a way to make them more fun and more interesting. Find ways to stimulate your creativity in every little task you do.

Anything that must be done more than once is an opportunity to use your creativity. It's a way of creating a slight variation each time; not just once but every time. Dare to be creative. Make it a game to come up with a slightly new twist. Just changing the time or location can make a difference. Try eating with the fine china, or with real cloth napkins, adding candle light or simply eating in the dining room if you seldom do. You will create an experience that feels totally new. Change your writing style, vary what you normally say or how you say it; write more or less than you usually do. All these things can get your creative juices going.

3. Try some new food. Try some new food that you've never had before. Consider something that maybe you've always avoided but never really tried. So, how do you know that you don't like it? Personally, for many years I would just not try sour cream. The name turned me off. When I finally tried it I discovered, of course, something delicious and wonderful that I'd been missing out on.

Be creative, visit a new restaurant. Be bold and daring if you've always been conservative. Try a different sauce, maybe some foods that don't normally go together. You might just come up with something totally new; maybe even start a new trend.

4. Take on a new hobby or course. Taking on something new makes us stretch. It creates new pathways in the brain. It stimulates brain activity and causes us to feel a greater sense of wellness and being alive.

So, if you've never taken yoga or martial arts, or a belly dance class, try it. Be creative. Perhaps try painting or take up playing an instrument. Try something you've never done before, maybe something you've even secretly thought that you didn't have the ability for. Stretch and try something new. Guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. And you might just discover a talent you didn't know you had!

5. The "Mozart Effect". Don Campbell's book explains how Mozart's music, played in schools affected the minds of the young students hearing it. They were more creative and they performed better. He broke the music down into three categories, producing cd's for each. One, of course, was for "stimulating creativity". On that cd were very simple themes with variation after variation. It didn't take me long to see how it did indeed stimulate creativiy; how it opened the mind up to new possibilities. I often found that I felt like painting when I heard that music.

I don't say that it has to be Mozart, but I do recommend listening to some music that is a theme with variations, to stimulate your creativity and get those creative juices flowing. You hear the same thing presented many different ways. It is particularly helpful if you are a musician. And you certainly can't go wrong by choosing Mozart either.

If you try these five tips to stimulating your crativity, you'll find yourself paying more attention to your day. You'll find yourself more creative. You'll find yourself more involved in your day and I dare say that you'll find it more interesting too! By constantly thinking and making conscious choices, you are stimulating, using and practicing your creativity. And then when called upon to perform, it is honed and ready to go to work for you.

Be Creative - Five Tips to Stimulating Your Creativity

Gail Karen (G.K.) Eckert is a vocalist, musician, songwriter and teacher. She founded Musikhaus Studio of Creativity in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 1987 and continues to guide students through the crucial steps of learning to sing. She believes that anyone can learn to sing, given the proper guidance and encouragement. She also believes that singing your music your way is not only a fun past time but is also crucial to self expression and well being.

For more tips on creativity and self expression, visit her site

Creative and Fun Dating Ideas for Couples!

Dating is natural and desirable to all couples and even singles who want to be in love. Sure, dating can be fun BUT the question is ARE YOU ABLE TO COME UP WITH CREATIVE AND FUN DATING IDEAS?

If you are single and want to impress your date and secure high chances of him/her to go out with you for future dates,



If you and your partner have been together long in a relationship and your dating life is getting stale and dull in the relationship,

For those mentioned above and you are guilty of it, don't fret as HOPE is still around. Dating can be made fun and memorable, with some creative thinking to break out of your comfort zone in your dating world. Dating need not be expensive that burns a hole in your pocket. Just throw in some creative imagination or with some little thought, you can turn your normal date routine into something exciting or fresh for a change.

The following are some easy ideas for you start coming up with creative and fun dating ideas that does not need you to wreck your brains over it.

1) Do something you and your partner have never done before together, like taking up sports classes or exercise together regularly.

2) You can try asking around other dating couples and you can have an idea of how other dating couples do on dates. You'll realize how some couples take the effort and the extra mile to spice up things in their relationship. You might come across fun dating and creative ideas for your relationship too!

3) Go double dating! Whoever said dating must be confined to a couple only? You will realize that you will be able to do much more activities together with other couples too. 4 brains are better than 2 right?

Still at a loss? Need more tips for more creative fun-dating ideas?

Click on below to find out more Creative Dating Ideas - Make Dating Fun!

Creative and Fun Dating Ideas for Couples!

Visit this link --> Creative Dating Ideas – Make Dating Fun!

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5 Creative Ways to Propose Marriage

You have made the decision to ask your girlfriend to be your wife. You bought a ring and are ready to take the plunge. But now you are wondering how should you do it?

When you plan your proposal, take your bride-to-be's personality as well as your own into consideration before you decide on anything. If your girlfriend is a quiet person, don't plan a location that is public and noisy. There are many different ways to ask the woman you love to marry you. What you need to do is find the way that is right for the both of you. Here are some suggestions for memorable marriage proposals.


A Picnic Lunch

Buy a picnic hamper and pack a romantic lunch. Fruit, cheese, bread and wine all help to enhance the romantic feel of this marriage proposal. Finish your lunch with chocolate covered strawberries, with the engagement ring and proposal being the final course.

A Mystery Trail

Leave a path for your sweetheart to follow. Chose something romantic, like rose petals or candles. Leave a trail from the front door throughout the house. At different places leave flowers, chocolates, and champagne for your sweetie to find. At the end of the trail is where you will be, ring in hand.

A Puzzling Time

If your sweetie is a jigsaw puzzle lover, buy a blank jigsaw puzzle and write will you marry me on it. Cook her dinner, or order a meal from your favorite restaurant. After the dessert, give her the puzzle in a beautifully wrapped box and be prepared kneel and pop the question when she finishes it.

Restaurant Proposals

Take your sweetie to the restaurant you had your first date. If you call ahead most restaurants are more than happy to help you plan your proposal and might even be willing to write your question on a plate, or include it in the dessert menu.

A Christmas Proposal

At Christmas time wrap the engagement ring in a small box. Then place it in a larger box and wrap that as well. Keep doing this until the present is large enough to fool your sweetie. Do not put this gift under the tree, but instead hide somewhere in the house. After you two finish unwrapping your presents go and get this one. As she unwraps the gift you should be prepared to kneel down and ask her to marry you.

You want to make your first proposal special. Finding a creative way to ask the one you love to spend her life with you will make it be a moment to remember and tell your grandchildren about.

5 Creative Ways to Propose Marriage

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What is the Meaning of Each Finger For Rings?

Today we see kids and teens wearing earrings in all sorts of places and rings on all fingers and even the thumb. Its certainly more of a fashion statement for most people, but have you ever wondered: what is the meaning of each finger for rings?

Wearing a ring often communicates some sort of message to oneself and to the world. Because the left brain is responsible for logic, and controls the right hand, it is reasonable to assume wearing a ring on the right hand represents conscious logical awareness and a desire to control one's life and actions. Since the right brain controls the left hand and creativity, rings on the left hand represent beliefs, creativity, and attitudes. Wearing a ring on any particular finger is usually associated with a desire to increase the power associated with that finger.


The Thumb - The Meaning of the Thumb for Rings: Will Power - The thumb represents the logic and will power thinking of our being which controls our actions. The thumb is independent from the other fingers and is perhaps the single most important finger while working together as a team with the rest of the hand. It is figurative of strength and symbolizes independent thought and freedom.

The Index Finger - The Meaning of the Index Finger for Rings: Authority & Ambition - This finger represents our need to increase our ego and establish authority and power. It is also associated with leadership and ambition. Kings, priests and healers wore rings on the index finger because that finger was thought to be especially powerful. People often wear a ring on their index finger to demonstrate assertiveness, or power.

The Middle Finger - The Meaning of the Middle Finger for Rings: Identity & Materialism - Being the tallest finger, the middle finger is associated with our purpose in life. Also the center of the hand, it represents personal identity and those things that are most important to us. People who wear a ring on their middle finger often desire to be the center of attention.

The Ring Finger - The Meaning of the Ring Finger for Rings: Emotion, Creativity & Heart: Wearing a ring on the "ring" finger represents a connection to the heart, as it is thought to be closely related to the artery that goes to the heart. It is associated with our feelings of affection and love. It is also representative of our creativity and artistic self. Wearing a ring on this finger on the left hand represents to others a betrothal to the giver of the ring and a commitment of faithfulness. If the ring was purchased by the wearer, it represents self-love and self-worth and belief in talent.

Little Finger - The Meaning of the Little Finger for Rings: Relationships: Rings on the little or pinky finger represents confidence in business and personal relationships. It is a symbol of strength and bonding towards others. Being opposite to the finger of independence, it is related to our attitudes towards other people, intimacy, and the material world, since it faces the world, and watches our back, as our friends do. It also expresses a person's attitude towards themselves and their own attractiveness.Wearing a ring is a distinction of honour, but wearing many rings is usually a sign of someone who wants to attract attention to themselves, however many rings are a detraction from the personality, and perhaps a sign of low-self confidence. Hopefully we have helped you to understand what is the meaning of each finger for rings.

What is the Meaning of Each Finger For Rings?

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Creative Walk-In Closet Ideas For Any Home

Anyone with closets knows that keeping them organized is difficult. What other reason would there be for the proliferation of closet companies that will professionally design your closets? If you are fortunate to have a walk-in closet in your master bedroom, you have even a bigger chore of deciding exactly how to maximize that space.

Walk in closet design does not have to be done by a professional. You can come up with enough of your own ideas to make that closet work for you. First you need to think about how you want to use your walk in closet. Is it for two people or one? Do you want to have shelving, racks, or drawers in your closet? Do you want a special place for your shoes in your closet. Questions like these need to be answered right from the start of your closed redesign.


Special features you can get for your walk in closet include things like fancy doors that have frosted or clear glass and other decorations. You can install shelves which are easily adjustable so that you can store things of different sizes on them. Shoe shelves are very popular and they can be found in all sorts of models designed to hold a variety of shoes. Many people add a chest of drawers to their walk in closets that are big enough to accommodate them and this adds valuable storage space.

Most of these ideas can be done yourself and you can get lots of great ideas by just looking a pictures of different closets in magazines and on the Internet. However, if you feel your walk in closet needs a complete makeover and it is too much for you to attempt alone, there are lots of companies that will come in and professionally redesign your closets. Either way, updating and modernizing your walk in closet is something that will give you satisfaction for years to come.

Creative Walk-In Closet Ideas For Any Home

For more great walk in closet design ideas, please visit my site Closet Design Ideas.