Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

Here are many ideas for science fair projects that are geared toward environmental awareness, renewable energy and sustainable living.

Wind Energy Demonstration - Build a wind tower with small electric motor which generates power to do work or charge a battery. Use an external fan or hair dryer to simulate wind. Supply supporting information from major wind energy manufacturers.


Renewables Survey - Conduct a study on the best renewable energy sources to use in your area, and identify the opportunities and challenges to implementing such a plan. Interview providers, agencies, landowners.

Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

Hydrogen Generation - Build a solar powered water hydrolyzer. Use a solar cell to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Supporting information would describe the Hydrogen Economy and fuel cell powered devices.

Hydroelectric Power - Build a hydroelectric generator. Small scale to have falling water turn a turbine which generates electricity. Research and document the environmental tradeoffs of hydropower.

Biodiesel - Create biodiesel from discarded fryer oil. Show the reactions and the issues around using biodiesel in conventional diesel vehicles. Research new developments in biodiesel generation.

Concentrated Solar Power - Create a working model of a concentrated solar power (CSP) station. Discuss hot fluid flow and storage, load leveling.

Composting - Perform an analysis of various waste streams to understand the potential reduction from composting (cafeteria, home, restaurant, etc.). Supporting evidence on uses of compost or organic matter in biofuels.

Cheapest / Greenest Batteries - Calculate the life cycle cost of various types of batteries in typical applications. For example, how many alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium AA would be required to operate a digital point-and-shoot for 1 hour per day for 1 year. Calculate the extended cost per year and measure the landfill and toxic metal contribution in addition to the total cost. Will require calculating life of various battery types in various applications.

Energy Audits - Create and execute an energy audit in various settings and attempt to measure the impact of various changes. Obtain electric bills or other usage metrics and do before/after data analysis. Focus on specific areas such as compact fluorescent (CF) lighting or setback thermostats.

Smart Power Strips - Some devices are sold that will measure electricity consumption on specific outlets. Consider using them to calculate the effectiveness of smart power strips, and calculate the payback period of a strip compared to the annual electricity usage avoided.

Carbon Footprint - Calculate the carbon footprint of various people you know. Suggest ways for them to lower their footprint. Explain the concept and compare footprints of your users to those in various places/countries.

Green Rooftops - Build a green rooftop and demonstrate the value in food/plant production and energy savings.

Waste Biomass to Energy - Research and conduct a survey of local agricultural or industrial processes that generate unused biomass that could be diverted to energy production through burning or ethanol production. Contact the waste stream generators and interview to understand their issues and the status of biomass reuse.

Cellulosic Ethanol - Demonstrate the process and effectiveness of various process or substances used to break down cellulose to fermentables for ethanol production. Ferment a control and various experimental settings and compare the quantity of ethanol produced.

Clean Water - Measure the water quality of various water sources such as ponds, lakes and streams. Note the quality variations of several samples from the same source over time and from various locations, such as upstream and downstream of an industrial site.

Landfill Gas Power - Demonstrate the generation of energy from landfill gases. Build a sealed landfill with organic material. Capture and show the methane generated and describe applications of landfill gas used to produce electricity.

Animal Waste Power. Demonstrate the generation of energy from animal waste. Similar to above but a little higher on the "gross" scale! Gather statistics on total mass of beef, pork and poultry waste generated in your country in one year and calculate the potential MWh per year of electricity which could be generated. Convert to currency.

Automobile Mileage Studies. Measure the impact of various mileage improvement strategies. It helps to have a vehicle with a reliable instantaneous MPG calculator. Maintain strict controls on ambient temperature, warmup, elevation change, wind and other nonvariables, and vary tire pressure, acceleration rate, vehicle speed, total vehicle weight and other factors. Run multiple nonsequential trials for each and show variability within and across variable groups. Make conclusions on effectiveness of each variable. Predict a target MPG from the combination of several factors and then experiment to see how close the actual values came to your predictions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Design a solar powered electric car recharging station. Using current equipment specifications, calculate how large the station would need to be to recharge a current production electric vehicle. Estimate the cost of construction and years of operation to calculate cost per kWh and compare to conventionally-purchased electricity.

These are just a few ideas for combining Green with your next Science Fair project. Do Well!

Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

John Huegel is a photographer in the Erie, Pennsylvania area who specializes in Seniors, Dance Studio, Families and other groups. He is active in many charitable and volunteer activities in the Erie area. His work can be seen at

Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

Fund raisers can be a lot of work. They can be a lot of fun with the proper planning and in the end they can be very rewarding. Charity fund raising ideas are usually created to help someone or group in need. There are many things that can be done to raise money and they can be extremely fun and filled with a lot of laughs. The planning stages of a fund raiser are very important because it's all about organization and delegation. Many people try to take on a big project by themselves and it is killer to do it that way. I'm not saying it can't be done, I am saying it doesn't have to be all work if you include others in the planning. This article will give some tips on charity fund raising ideas and hopefully some excitingly fun ways to raise money for charity.

Charity fund raising ideas first begin inside someone's heart. The person who will be organizing the fund raising first has a burden for the person or group they are going to raise the money for. In many cases, money is raised for a transplant or operation or illness. It can also be a loss of a home due to a fire or some other freak of nature event.
Once the thought of raising money for the person has begun, then the work begins. You need to incorporate others to come on board and catch the burden because the burden is what is going to keep you going. Charity fund raising ideas will be worth the effort in the end, but up to the end it can be very challenging and you will need help and support.


Many charity fund raising ideas begin with getting a celebrity of some type to either be the star performance or just the spokesperson. It doesn't have to be a movie star, it can be a town leader or sheriff of some type. You can do an American idol contest, or just host a dress up event in which the people coming pay for a nice dinner with a little entertainment, or you can have a performer of some type put on some type of show that people come and watch. For other charity fund raising ideas, you could host a ball room dance of some type in which everyone gets to dress up again. People love to dress up for special events. You can also raffle off items and give door prizes away.

Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

Charity fund raising ideas can be an auction of some type or a huge garage sale in which all the items have been donated. These types of things will require a lot of work and organization, but there is money to be made during these events. There are other charity fund raising ideas such as hosting a dinner of some type and having a best men's legs contest in which no one sees who the man is, or throwing a ball at the bulls eye in which a celebrity is sitting in a dunk tank. There are just so many different charity fund raising ideas that can be done, but remember again do not do something like this all by yourself. I believe that when you do something for charity, you don't have to get all the credit. Remember who the fund raising is for. That is the host of the show. In many cases good charity fund raising ideas will get free publicity. If you are well organized and you believe in what you are doing, then you can get your local television and radio and newspaper to come on board and help you out with the advertising.

Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

For more information on fundraising events and projects for your organization try visiting, a website that specializes in providing helpful tips, advice and fundraising resources to include Charity Fund Raising Ideas and more.

Creative Object Lessons

What is an Object Lesson?

An object lesson is the use of objects - insects, fruits, vegetables, animals, coins, thermometers, tools, weapons - to teach intellectual and spiritual truths. More than just a visual, it draws a truth from something you are showing or doing. Real objects, places and happenings can make learning come alive for children, youth, and adults.


The Bible Is Full of Object Lessons

Creative Object Lessons

The potter's house, the fig tree and sheep were used by God to teach his people truths in ways they could understand, remember, and share with others. Lessons can be found not only the things of nature, but in the sacrificial service and observances of the Bible. The Scriptures themselves were given to reveal God. All of nature reveals the thought of God, but we often fail to see him through his creation. (Romans 1:20)

Jesus' Use of Object Lessons

Jesus often used the things at hand around him to teach people about God and His Kingdom. When he was by a well, He used water. After He fed 5000 people, He taught them about the bread of life. When He was on a fishing boat, He said the Kingdom was like a fishing net. He told his listeners to consider the lilies, the sparrows, and the hairs on their head. Jesus referred to a fig tree, a mustard tree, yeast, salt, a vineyard, money and other things from everyday life to reveal spiritual truth. When He spoke of a vineyard, He was probably by a vineyard. When He said, "consider the sparrows," there were probably sparrows flying around.

In Christ's teaching, the unknown was illustrated by the known; divine truths by earthly things, the spiritual by the natural, the difficult by the simple. He used the things with which the people were most familiar, the things of the earth to teach them the things that were unfamiliar, the things of heaven. Object lessons speak to the eyes and other senses so that they are received into the heart. In fact the more senses that are involved, the greater the learning that takes place. Christ's teaching using object lessons was targeted at adults, not children, but everyone can learn truths from a simple lesson involving the senses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Object Lessons


  1. Objects attract and hold the attention of observers
  2. Objects can help simplify complex ideas and concepts.
  3. The high interest level extends to all age groups even though they are usually used with children.
  4. Retention is very good due to the high interest as well as the identification of the truth with the object.
  5. Object lessons turn people's "eyes into ears." Because people think in terms of words and images, objects help them recall what is taught.
  6. Object lessons are fairly easy to use in a class and elaborate equipment is not necessary
  7. The student is given first-hand experience by coming into contact with the object
  8. Because of nature of object lessons, the teacher will develop the habit of graphic, colorful portrayal of truth which will make all teaching more powerful.


  1. The time is usually short so must be used as a part of a class. Usually as an introduction or an illustration or conclusion.
  2. Thinking of object lessons is very hard for many people. Keep your mind open to possible object lessons in your everyday life.
  3. Objects may obscure the truth rather than clarify and simplify.
  4. Small objects do not work well with large groups.
  5. There is a danger that students may become more interested in the object than the lesson that is being presented.

How to Use Object Lessons

  1. Choose the idea you want to illustrate and find an object that can represent that idea.
  2. Plan every step for using the object lesson carefully in advance. * Make an outline of the required steps. * Keep the demonstration simple. * Do not digress from the main ideas.
  3. Practice using the object to illustrate the truth until it is smooth.
  4. Rehearse your demonstration with a "guinea pig" if possible. Try to find someone around the same age as the intended audience.
  5. Tell a story the listener can relate to along with the object lesson. Stories have an emotional impact on the listener and provide a means by which younger children, who think in very concrete terms can identify with the truth.
  6. Be sure every member of class can see demonstration.
  7. Check frequently to make sure the demonstration is understood.
  8. Keep summarizing as you go along.
  9. Don't hurry the lesson or drag out the lesson.
  10. Keep the punch line to the very end and build the suspense if you can. Make sure your draw the connection between the object and the idea.
  11. Resist the temptation to explain all the deep symbolism you've been able to uncover. The power of an object lesson is in its simplicity. One of the quickest ways to ruin an object lesson is try to make it more than it is. Make just one truth visible to your students - that's enough. Be sure that all details are authentic.
  12. Remember that it's the Holy Spirit, not your object lesson, that instructs and changes students. Never use a visual aid because you are caught short. They must work for you, not instead of you. Remember: They are a means to an end, not an end in themselves

You can find a large selection of object lessons and children's sermons at

Creative Object Lessons

Ken has been actively involved in youth ministry for almost 20 years and has been writing youth Bible Study materials since 1988. He has written for numerous Youth weekends and summer camps around the world. He also does training workshops for youth leaders and teachers in Asia and is recommended by others for his creativity and for his passion in mentoring youth. For more creative ideas see his main website at

Bedroom Wall Decor - Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

The interior decorating and decor of a bedroom largely depends upon it's function. There are mainly 4 types of bedrooms in a typical home plan.

1) Master Bedroom


2) Teenager Bedroom

Bedroom Wall Decor - Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

3) Kids Bedroom

4) Guest bedroom

All these bedrooms have their own decorating considerations. When it comes to wall decor for bedrooms many people think that either painting a wall or applying wallpaper on them is the only option available.

But these two techniques can be combined together for an altogether different look as well. It is not always necessary to apply the same paint to all the walls. Try finishing walls with contrasting colors or a combination of wallpaper and color on the same wall.

If your bedroom receives ample amount of direct sunlight, then you can very creatively make use of shadows for decorating purposes on wall. First observe the wall that receives direct sunlight and then you can "obstruct" the entry of sunlight using a mild steel grill or stained glass painting so that the wall receives interesting shadow patterns. The beauty of this is that since the direction and intensity of the sunlight changes constantly, you will have an ever changing wall decor piece made for you, free of cost.

Another idea is to instead of using picture frames on walls, how about painting the picture on the wall itself. Of course if you live in a rented house, you will have some limitations, but it can be done.

Another options for bedroom wall decor is faux finish plaster or even tile cladding using rectangular or square tiles. Even multicolored tiles can be used for the entire wall to create a mural of your choice. Thus a bedroom wall can be easily treated with little creativity for big results without spending big money.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

Bedroom Wall Decor - Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Want more amazing bedroom wall decor ideas? visit my website to explore some great wall decor themes that can transform your home into a stunning interior masterpiece.

Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

It's almost October 31st again, and that means time for all the ghouls, ghosts and goblins to come out for that fun holiday called Halloween.  Each year, people get to dress up in silly, creative, sexy and recent event-inspired costumes to celebrate Halloween for a few days or a week.  It let's most people bring out their wild and crazy sides as they can assume the identity of another person, celebrity, character, animal, mythical creature, monster or inanimate object.

If you're a female looking for Halloween costume ideas, look no further.  We've got some creative ones for you that won't take too much work or accessories beyond what you already have.  You don't want to go as the typical boring French Maid, Cheerleader, Nurse or sexy witch.  Instead you want something original, clever and unlike anything anyone else is wearing!  One example is to go as the "Cheating Wife".  You can wear pantyhose with the back of your skirt tucked into them, messed up hair and smeared make up, with your bra on the outside of the shirt.  Another idea you might try is the horror movie victim, where you have a similar look to cheating wife, only with fake blood on your clothes and face, with some tears in your clothes as well.  You could also go as the stood-up prom date, simply by wearing a prom style dress with smeared make up as if you've been crying.  That will gain you attention and pity all at once!


Of course you might not want to go as a female who's been dumped, cheating or part of a horror movie.  You may decide instead to go as something hot, sexy, and exciting to really get everyone's attention.  When it comes to Halloween, you want to be the one who gets noticed, rather than simply blending in with everyone else!  Happy Halloween!

Creative Halloween Costumes For Women
Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

Make sure this Halloween holiday you're wearing one of the Hottest Women's Halloween Costumes there is.

Creative Shoebox Diorama Ideas For the School Season

Shoebox Dioramas are a part of every school year and in just about every grade they serve as a wonderful learning tool. They are used to learn the arts and crafts of making things and they are used to also learn about subjects. This article shows you some creative ideas from both the arts and crafts aspect and the learning aspect.

The Arts and Crafts of Shoebox Dioramas
There are a lot of common ways to make a shoebox diorama and they include tape, glue, construction paper and all the regular assortment of arts and crafts stuff but there are a few things you can do to make a diorama just a little bit special. Here is a list of ideas:


  • If you are doing an underwater scene you can cover the front of the box with Saran Wrap or thin plastic. This gives the diorama an underwater feel
  • Use string to utilize the full three dimensions inside the box; suspend objects from strings or tie strings from side to side and top to bottom and attach objects to the strings. This works well for flying objects like bird, pterodactyls or even clouds and stars.
  • Cut slots in the back and top of the box and use this to insert objects that you can move across the diorama. Make a bird, boat, comet or some other type of moving object then attach a tab to the back of it. Insert this tab in the slot then you can grab the tab from the back and slide the object across the diorama. This adds a nice little interactive element. This works well with all kinds of things from a rising sun, flying bird, erupting volcano or just about anything else that would move.
  • Think outside the shoebox! There is no need to run out and buy a new pair of shoes if you don't have a shoebox. A more than adequate box can be made from scraps of cardboard or even a few cereal boxes cut and taped together. And there is no need to make a typical shoebox shape. Be creative in the shape you make. It adds a dimension of interest to the project. Half round, amphitheatre shapes are commonly used for dioramas and look great.
  • Achieving Depth - The most common trait of an average shoebox diorama is that it has a decorated background and objects placed on the bottom surface.  You can add an attractive touch by decorating a strip of paper that is about two inches wide with a foliage pattern then attach this to the inside bottom of the diorama about an inch from the back wall - it reaches all the way from the left side to the right side. This adds a lot of depth and makes it look much more interesting.
  • Using alternate materials - You don't have to use cardboard or boxes. As an example, if you are doing a polar bear or penguin diorama you could use white packing Styrofoam.  If you are doing a desert scene you can apply glue to the bottom of the diorama and sprinkle real sand on it.

Theme Ideas and Learning Tools
The biggest point of a shoebox diorama is to show a natural habitat of something. In the process of drawing and cutting out the various objects a child is learning about the habitat. This is great but you can take it to new levels with a little thought and a little creativity. 

Creative Shoebox Diorama Ideas For the School Season

  • Freezing a moment in time - A diorama is a moment in time and you can focus on this. Some good examples are you can have a meteor streaking across the sky of a dinosaur diorama; this explains a theory of extinction. Or you can show a large predator fish about to eat a smaller fish as it is eating something even smaller. This dramatic moment in time is a good display of the food chain.
  • Interactions in a habitat - The focus of a diorama is often to correctly identify and place the right objects for a natural habitat but you can take this to a new level by focusing on the interactions within the habitat. The upper layer of canopy in a rainforest blocks out sunlight from the lower layers and this is an important aspect of the rainforest. A coral reef provides shelter for many creatures in the sea and a diorama can display this.
  • Adding a Fact Sheet - This is a great tool that should be added to every diorama. You should make a fact sheet that can be glued to poster board and stood up near the diorama. The sheet explains the basic facts of what the diorama is about.

Diorama Ideas
Here are some ideas you can use as a theme for your diorama:

  • The Natural Habitat of just about any creature like fish, polar bears, black bears, penguins, wolves, humans, dinosaurs, camels, lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants, dolphins, and well you get the idea!
  • A Desert theme complete with pyramids, mummies and camels is fun
  • A Rainforest is a good diorama for teaching about diversity and the interaction of species
  • An astronomy diorama complete with sun, planets, comets, and stars in the background
  • A medieval Castle scene complete with catapult or dragon
  • Underwater scenes are always popular
  • Arctic themed dioramas are fun because of the creative options for snow and icebergs

Whatever diorama you choose to make you should take a little time to make it different and unique and there are lots of creative ways to do that. Have fun with your project!

Creative Shoebox Diorama Ideas For the School Season

Visit the author's diorama site where you can find lots of videos, tutorials, and ideas for making dioramas. Diorama Man

12 Creative Photography Ideas

Here are 12 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and increase your skills and value as a photographer.

TIP 1 - Time Lapse photos. I showed my niece how to do this with clay figures and stitch the resulting frames together into a video file, and she was busy for days. If you control the exposure consistently to keep the images consistent with one another, you can do some really fun stop-motion animation. Or, you can set up your camera to capture other slow motion effects such as flowers opening and seedlings growing.


TIP 2 - Night Lights. Things look very different at night. Shooting city scenes with available light creates some interesting images. And shooting outdoor images under moonlight or with "light painting", where you open up the camera shutter for an extended exposure, and "paint" your targets with colored or plain light, can create some truly bizarre images.

12 Creative Photography Ideas

TIP 3 - Astrophotography. Hook that SLR up to a telescope, and you are ready to peer into the depths of space and time. You'll need some adapters, and ability to compensate for the earth's rotation for really long shots. Start with the moon and move on from there.

TIP 4 - Macro photography. From flowers to coins to stamps, you can polish your skills at close-up photography and capture some really detailed images. Often a macro lens or close-up attachment will help. See my tips on Flower Photography to get more information.

TIP 5 - Micro photography. If you can interface that camera with a microscope, you can get some really crazy images. Or, stack up a bunch of close-up magnification and try your hand at turning salt crystals into surreal imagery.

TIP 6 - Insurance Photos. OK, maybe a bit boring, but you and your friends and relatives will thank you. Take a couple hours and touch and photograph everything of value, with a full shot or two if each item of value, accompanied by a shot of the identifying marks - manufacturer model or serial number. Then burn a CD or DVD and store it off site. If you have a fire or other loss, this could save the owner thousands of dollars.

TIP 7 - Family Recipe book. Anytime those family favorites are prepared, copy down the recipe and take some photos of the food. You can produce a printed or electronic cookbook of family favorites that everyone will love.

TIP 8 - Stock Photography. This is a very busy market niche, but the cost of entry is low. Specialize in things you love, and you may be able to generate some income from your stock images. Search for stock photography sites, and make sure you understand your rights before you post images.

TIP 9 - Special Effects. Maybe you want to specialize in high-speed images of athletes, or surrealistic collages. Try your hand at using your editing skills to put someone in a soda bottle or floating on a candy lifesaver. Often more artistic than photographic, it will test your composition, lighting and editing skills to come up with believable artificial realities.

TIP 10 - Still Life. Ahh, the bowl of fruit. Sometimes a simple object or collection, properly lit, shot and edited, is a thing of beauty. It's a great way to study light. Start with an egg on a light background, a lamp and a window and see how you can learn about lighting and composition.

TIP 11 - Computer Control. Many cameras have a USB interface and remote control software. You can actually control the camera from the computer. See if you can get it to work to your liking, and maybe even program some time lapse or exposure bracketing experiments.

TIP 12 - Be Like Andy. Take some images of everyday items and try to create those neat colored backgrounds like Andy Warhol used to make. Create a 4-up print of the same image and change the colors of each quadrant to make an interesting square print.

Have fun with these ideas, and let me know when you become famous!

12 Creative Photography Ideas

John Huegel is a photographer in the Erie, Pennsylvania area who specializes in Seniors, Dance Studio, Families and other groups. He is active in many charitable and volunteer activities in the Erie area. His work can be seen at

100 Creative Presentation Ideas

Creative Presentation Ideas - It's Showtime!

Listed below are just 3 of the 100 creative presentation ideas you can use to make your presentation unforgettable. You may use these creative presentation ideas when speaking to potential investors, at management forums, conference lectures or with your colleagues, employees, or any other presentation you have to make.


Each creative idea is described in the following format:

100 Creative Presentation Ideas

  • Basic description of the creative presentation idea
  • What for? major benefits of the idea, or how it may be used
  • Variations on the creative idea: how you can adapt the idea to different settings, goals and audiences
  • Comments: things you should pay attention to when using the creative idea

Well, here comes the first creative presentation idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #1:

Description: Do not use titles in your slides

What for?

  1. Tell the viewers that you left out the presentation titles intentionally in order to see if you could deliver your main points clearly
  2. When using the presentation as a learning aid in a workshop, if your audience is required to complete the titles, they will have to think about what you are teaching and actively participate in the discussion


  1. Leave the titles out for only some of the slides - perhaps the ones that will be used for a review of the presentation so far, or to trigger a discussion on a controversial issue
  2. Write only half of the title, and ask your audience to complete it


  • You can use a printed "complete" version of the presentation for yourself, so you can see the titles you meant to use

The creative ideas I suggest are of different kinds and levels. Some are crazier than others. You should choose the one that best suits your presentation needs. Do you want to make a really bold statement? Here is a more outrageous idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #75:

Description: Present the presentation blindfolded!

What for?

  1. You could definitely demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and a good memory skill as well as self-confidence by using this idea
  2. Use it to add some humor to your presentation: after you put the blindfold on, intentionally make some funny mistakes when referring to the slides, and only then show them that you know what you're talking about...


  1. Put the blindfold on for just a short part of the presentation, when you want to make a dramatic effect
  2. Provide blindfolds for the participants, so their sense of hearing will be heightened and you could test their memory after a few slides!


  • Take care not to offend people with disabilities (e.g. blind people, etc.). Use this technique when you are certain you can do so tactfully and with good taste

As you might have noticed by now, these creative presentation ideas do not rely on an incredible knowledge of Power Point, or on unreasonable production expenses. Actually, in some of the ideas you don't even have to use Power Point at all!. Here's one:

Creative Presentation Idea #31:

Description: Have a painter/caricaturist assistant -
drawing images/cartoons on a flip chart as you explain

What for?

  1. This would make your presentation "live" on the go. Instead of using slides, the sketches would visually convey the major points you are trying to get through. For example - when you talk about the tough task lying ahead, a simple drawing of mountaineers climbing up a steep mountain would etch that image in the viewers mind.
  2. A caricaturist could add a touch of humor to your presentation with funny images and hints


  1. If you have the talent - you could draw the sketches yourself as you speak.
  2. If there's an electronic drawing pad - you could use it and show the drawings on a screen as they are drawn.
  3. Alternatively - ask some of the participants themselves to help you and draw those images on the flip chart as you speak.
  4. You could prepare and give the participants a comic book with the important things you talked about.


  • Make sure there are enough flip chart pages you could use, and that everyone can see them well.
  • Rehearse the presentation with the painter and the list the major subjects you are going to talk about so that s/he would have time to think about how to make meaningful and relevant drawings.
  • Here are a few pointers on where to find the person to draw for you: look for high school or college art students who wish to practice and demonstrate their talent for a small fee or free of charge; ask around for other employees that have that talent and are willing to give a hand. Of course, if the presentation is worth the investment, you may always hire a professional caricaturist.

100 Creative Presentation Ideas

Get 100 creative presentation ideas - and more!
I hope these three examples of creative presentation ideas gave you a taste of how you can make your presentations into memorable events.
But the 119-pages "100 creative presentation ideas" e-book has more than just ideas. Here is the book's table of contents:

  • Introduction – What this book is all about
  • Chapter 1: Basic steps for a creative process
    • Step 1: Motivation & Mood
    • Step 2: Focus and Detail
    • Step 3: Manipulation
    • Step 4: Make Real
    • Creative Process Diagram
  • Chapter 2: Ideas - Presentation Content
  • Chapter 3: Ideas - Presentation Planning and Order
  • Chapter 4: Ideas - Presentation Design and Delivery
  • Chapter 5: Ideas - Audience Participation
  • Chapter 6: Ideas - Atmosphere & Environment - Get the full E-book now!

The Best Creative Ways to Propose

Marriage proposals made over a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant can be very romantic but they are not necessarily creative. Many women dream about the day that the man of their dreams proposes to them and hope that the day will be absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. In a recent study the majority of married women reported that they believe that their spouse spent a significant amount of money on their wedding proposal but that the lack of originality in the proposal had left the women feeling disappointed.

One creative way to propose for a couple involved in a long distance relationship is to plan a surprise visit and set up a scavenger hunt. You could have a friend pick you up from the airport so that your girlfriend doesn't know that you are coming to visit and have the friend give your girlfriend instructions for the scavenger hunt. You could hide a number of small surprises such as candy, flowers and a CD as the first few stops on the scavenger hunt and then hide at the final location poised to propose when your girlfriend completes the game.


An outdoor enthusiast might appreciate a creative proposal during a camping trip. It's a good idea to plan a quiet trip for just you and your girlfriend at a picturesque location. You could hide the ring in your sleeping bag to use in a surprise proposal. When it's time to go to sleep after a long day of hiking and fishing, you could complain that there must be a rock or something underneath you and then pull out the ring and make your proposal. This creative proposal also contains the element of surprise as a camping trip is not a usual proposal location.

The Best Creative Ways to Propose

Another creative proposal idea is to place an ad in a local newspaper. You could place an outrageous ad in a newspaper asking anyone who was willing to get married to give you a call and include a fictitious phone number. Then when you and your girlfriend are reading the paper together, you could point out the ad as a joke and while she is reading the ad, seize the opportunity to pull out the engagement ring and let her know that you would love to marry her.

Proposing at a sporting event is a creative way to propose to a sports fan. For this proposal idea you could either arrange to have your proposal broadcast over the public address system or displayed on the large screen. If you are really adventurous, you could also contact the team's public relations department and try to make arrangements to make your proposal on the field at halftime. They might be willing to help you stage a scenario where you are either chosen to win a prize or participate in a contest and while you are on the field, they would hand over the microphone to allow you to make your proposal.

Another creative marriage proposal idea is to purchase a book of poems and leave the first few pages intact and carve a heart into the remaining pages and sew the engagement ring to the back of the book. You could suggest taking turns reading the poems on each page and plan to have your girlfriend turn the final complete page to reveal the heart and ring that were hidden inside. This proposal idea is not only creative but also incredibly romantic.

Having the DJ of your girlfriend's favorite radio program ask her if she will marry you is another creative proposal idea. You will want to make sure that you are aware of the exact time that the DJ will be sending your message so that you are able to ensure that you and your girlfriend are listening together when he makes the announcement. You could also arrange to have the DJ play a song that has a special meaning for you as a couple so that you can enjoy a dance together after she accepts your creative proposal.

Another creative way to propose is to include all of your family and friends in the event by inviting them all to a surprise party for your girlfriend. To make this proposal work, you would either convince your girlfriend that you want to have a quiet dinner at home or at a restaurant with just the two of you. Once you arrive at the destination all of the guests will reveal themselves and while all eyes are on the two of you, you could take the opportunity to profess your love and propose.

Still another creative way to propose is to hide the ring in an unexpected location. For example you could pretend to have a clogged sink and while you are working to fix the clog, you could reach into the sink and pull out the engagement ring. When your girlfriend is nearby, you could seize the opportunity to pull out the ring you had hidden earlier and say something to the effect of, "No wonder the sink is clogged, I'll have to find another place to store this ring, how about your finger?" This whimsical proposal is both light-hearted and creative.

A variation on the traditional proposal at an elegant restaurant could be to have the waiter bring out the ring with the bill. You could have a little good natured fun with your girlfriend by going out of your way to drop hints that you would be proposing over dinner. If you keep up the act, she will be expecting your proposal with each course. After dessert you could tell her that you have something very important to ask and as she eagerly awaits your proposal, you could ask an inconsequential question about something completely irrelevant to your relationship. She will probably be furious at this point but her anger won't last as the waiter arrives with the bill and the engagement ring and you let her know how much she means to you.

Finally a creative proposal idea is for the woman to ask the man to marry her, instead of waiting for him to propose. Many women anxiously await the day that the man in their life will propose but why not add your own creative twist by proposing to him instead. The woman is free to propose in any way that she finds truly romantic and can ensure that the proposal is both creative and romantic and that it's a moment that they both will remember for the rest of their lives.

A great marriage proposal doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant. Many women are more likely to cherish the memories of a proposal that was inexpensive but truly creative. The creativity is what makes the proposal so memorable and what makes it a great story to tell their friends.

The Best Creative Ways to Propose

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Creative Club Ideas For a Kid After School Activity

School is back in session and you're looking for a creative after school activity for kids. Whether you're a parent or after school care provider, keeping kids busy, happy and safe can be a challenge. Between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. is when kids need fun activities to keep them from being bored. I have listed ideas for after school clubs that are easy to plan and fun for kids to do.

Organize a cooking club to make a nutritious snack for everyone. Make a healthy trail mix with granola or cereal, peanuts, pretzels, seeds and dry fruit. Mix up fruit smoothies in a blender with low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, honey and ice. Put together mini-pizzas with small bagels, pizza sauce, and cheese. Review math concepts such as fractions, addition and subtraction with the cooking lesson.


Physical fitness is an activity to plan each day. Kids need about an hour of physical exercise each day. Have a fitness club to organize a team sport such as dodge ball, softball, and volleyball to play with everyone. The club can also plan relay races and fitness and movement games. If weather is rainy or snowy, play indoor volleyball, basketball or set up an obstacle fitness course.

Creative Club Ideas For a Kid After School Activity

Putting on a play or puppet show is an activity that can be ongoing for several weeks or more. Have a drama or puppet club, which meets twice per week. The kids will pick a story or play that they like, design costumes or puppets, create props, and practice their parts. Pick a date for the performance and invite other students, friends and family to come see their production.

Eight more great after school club activity ideas:

  • Science Club: do experiments and record results
  • Chess Club: have tournaments
  • Book Club: read a book, discussion, and write book reviews
  • Dance Club: learn dance steps from all over the world
  • Language Club: learn sign or a foreign language
  • Photography Club: take photos of other clubs
  • Journalism Club: put together a monthly newsletter
  • Art Club: drawing, painting, sculpture, and cartooning

Plan on each club being between one half to one hour in length. Offer sessions so everyone can have an opportunity to participate in many of the activities. A different club or activity can be offered each day. Have kids sign up for a club that they are interested in. Involve the kids in the planning, preparation, and even leading the club. The more the kids are involved in the activity, the more successful the activity will be.

Creative Club Ideas For a Kid After School Activity

As a mother, grandmother, and child development professional, Nancy Johnson, shares over 25 years experience working with children and adults. My articles include a variety of activity ideas including holiday topics, child's play, nature, and cooking tips. I hope you find them informative and enjoyable to read.

Creative Ideas For Class Reunions

But we all know that even with the hard work required, the very best part of all the effort and planning is earning the satisfaction of hosting a much anticipated party that's enjoyable for all who attend. Here are five creative ideas for making a class reunion memorable...

One - Update The Class Yearbook Online


Put together a class website with photos and memories for all to share. Use photos and videos from the reunion to create a digital online scrapbook or yearbook for the enjoyment of classmates for some time to come. After all, who says the class reunion has to be over after just one quick weekend?

Creative Ideas For Class Reunions

Two - Don't Forget The Class Reunion Keepsake

Everybody loves party favors! Offering a class reunion favor is a great way to include a little creative flair at the party and help all of the attendees remember it fondly. The reunion favor doesn't have to be anything incredibly expensive, but instead just something lighthearted and fun. One popular idea that always goes over really well as a class reunion keepsake is having custom sandals or flip flops made with the class year or school logo imprinted on them.

Three - Choose A Theme For The Class Reunion

All parties are just better when they feature a festive theme. Choosing a theme for a class reunion is a great way to set the party atmosphere. Using the custom keepsake sandals idea previously mentioned, one creative class reunion theme idea that always goes over well is a beach theme or Hawaiian luau theme. The informality of a relaxing and casual theme like a beach theme always promotes plenty of socialization.

Four - Feature Music From The Past

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many class reunions overlook this one completely. Featuring a band or DJ that will be able to play plenty of tunes from the classes' school years is a wonderful way to spark good memories and emotions from that unique era in time. It's amazing how music can instantly help us relive the past.

Five - Plan An Entire Weekend With Multiple Activities

The more time that classmates can spend catching up with each other, the better. The most memorable class reunions usually include several activities over the course of a weekend to encourage active participation. For example, a reunion could possibly include attending a school game, a golf outing, a casual or theme night, a formal night with dinner and dancing, an afternoon picnic, and multiple other group activities. The key is finding a number of different settings to bring out the best atmosphere and mood in variety of social situations.

Sure, planning class reunions takes lots of time and hard work. But with a few creative ideas, class reunions can be more memorable than ever - making it all worth the effort in the end!

Creative Ideas For Class Reunions

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Creative Fund Raising Ideas

Cowpattie Bingo. Car Wash. Gift Wrap. Karaoke Night. Sock Hop. Kids' Tutorials. All these and more are the creative fund raising ideas that have been repeatedly done in order to generate money for a certain activity planned.

Popcorn Craze is among the creative fund raising ideas that will surely be a major hit. Wondering why? Simply because, this is one of the munchies that people of all ages would adore eating. This is most true when they go to the nearby cinema to watch that movie starring Pretty Woman's Julia Roberts, Mummy Return's Rachel Weiss, Legally Blonde's Reese Witherspoon, Miss Congeniality's Sandra Bullock or Kill Bill's Uma Thurman.
If you are contemplating of doing such, this can be done at anytime of the year. Here's a suggestion, look for a place around the metropolis where a film can be shown outdoors. Consider a free huge space where cars can be parked. Ask your members to roam around as they sell it in exciting packs.


Pancake Breakfast is among the creative fund raising ideas that will be unmistakably loved by morning persons. What better way than to jumpstart their day with flour and egg ensembles topped with maple syrup or strawberry jam. Not mention, there is that steaming cup of hot chocolate to go with the healthy meal.

Creative Fund Raising Ideas

If you are contemplating of doing such, you can scout for an area near the busiest hubs in your domicile where a lot of people are on the rush to arrive in their respective offices. You can task someone to wear a costume suit of any fun character to catch their attention. It is also important to calculate the budget so you can control your expenses. To save more, you meet up with your team and tell them to look for ingredients right in their own cupboards.

Dollar Spare is among the creative fund raising ideas that are getting even more popular. Just come to think of it, a single penny from your daily budget is not that much of a burden. Instead of spending it for something, you can store it up for a greater purpose. You just do not know but that small amount can go a long way.
If you are contemplating of doing such, you can forward formal communications to schools and stores asking their permission to put a poster that the students and customers will be aware. As to where they can place the coins, look for as many big, tin cans as possible. Decorate each with how you want it to look.

Wing Fling is among the creative fund raising ideas that are set on an al fresco mood. What sets this apart from its kind is that almost everybody can participate since they can turn out to be the judges of the grilled dishes that are cooked.
If you are contemplating of doing such, you can rent a local restaurant for a day. Prepare a program where there can be a competition and let those who watch be the jurors themselves by having to taste it personally. To complement, sell also beverages as well as other snacks.

Creative Fund Raising Ideas

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Download Creative Zen Software - Software For Your Zen

Looking to Download Creative Zen software? Read this before going any further. You can find Creative Zen software download sites in basically three variations. You can download free Creative Zen software, you can pay per Zen download, and you can get unlimited Creative Zen software downloads, Yes you can download all the Creative Zen software, movie, music, and videos you want, but be very careful when you are because everything is not as it seems.

Creative Zen Software Download - Free Zen Downloads


So I guess you're thinking "What's the problem with free Creative Zen software download?" The problem is most of the websites that offer free Creative Zen software download are infested with spyware and pop-ups will surely harm your computer. Can you imagine what happens when your identity is stolen? If your computer gets infected with adware and spyware then you better shut everything down and get someone to fix it. Yes the files you downloaded are free, however, your identity and financial information could have been stolen, or your computer hacked. It can be very costly to repair these sorts of damages. So it is strongly recommended to stay away from these sites that claim you can download Creative Zen software for free.

Download Creative Zen Software - Software For Your Zen

Creative Zen Software Download - Pay Per Download

Pay per download is an option you may want to look into if you are just planning to download a couple of cool songs that you recently heard in the shower, on the radio. However, if you are looking to download more than a few songs, or mp3's, this will quickly get very heavy on the pocket book. Besides, there are not many solid pay per click Creative Zen software download sites available to choose from. If you are planning to download Creative Zen software, movies, or videos, this option is pretty much out of the question.

Unlimited Lifetime Creative Zen Software Downloads

This option comes highly recommended. You pay a onetime membership fee, and in turn you get a lifetime of unlimited Creative Zen software downloads for your Zen player. Amazing! A simple onetime charge at about for membership, and you get unlimited access for a lifetime, not only to music, you also get video files, music files, games, TV shows, movies and other Creative Zen software to download. Since you have a paid membership, the files are safe to download. If you sign-up to be a member, all of your Creative Zen software downloads will be free for a lifetime. I don't think I need to tell you about the savings of this type of deal. You will save a lot of money versus pay per download, and you will be able to finally fully appreciate the capabilities of your Creative Zen player.

There are over five million active users with a paid membership on Creative Zen software download sites and right now they are enjoying their unlimited Creative Zen software downloads. There are over three hundred million files being shared this very moment.

Download Creative Zen Software - Software For Your Zen

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Creative Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

Do you have a special anniversary coming up? Are you looking for homemade anniversary gift ideas so you can create something special and meaningful for your partner? Anniversaries are a wonderful time to reflect back on the relationship that you and your partner have enjoyed. Whether it is a six month anniversary or a 60th year wedding anniversary.

Here are some low-key ideas on homemade anniversary gift ideas that won't cost a fortune:


* A "Remember When..." Scrapbook
If you are celebrating a 6-month anniversary or a 6 year anniversary, a "Remember When..." scrapbook can be as small or as big as you want to make it. Take a certain time frame and make a page dedicated to a special memory that you and your partner have shared during that interval of time.

Creative Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

For instance, if you are making a 6-month anniversary scrapbook, make a 6 page scrapbook where each page represents 1 month, then 2 months, and so on. You can dedicate a page to events such as getting married or meeting for the first time. Then maybe your first vacation together or the time you met each others' parents for the first time. The scrapbook could work as a type of time line for the relationship between you and your partner.

* Pretty Painted Plant Pot
Find an unused clay plant pot and wash it off (or you can go purchase one, they are not very expensive depending on the size). When it is clean and dry, take out some bright acrylic paint and start decorating it with images or words that will be meaningful to you are and your partner. If you want, you can use a pencil to outline some letters and images before painting. You can write your names over a background of bright hearts or maybe some a special message or meaningful quote. Let the paint dry and brush over your artwork with varnish to make it weather resistant. Now go to a local nursery and choose out a pretty plant or flower that you and your partner can enjoy all year long.

* Customized Picture Frame
Take an old picture frame and re-vamp it with "love trinkets" -- this could include fabric, keys, marbles, old charms -- any random little trinket that you've stored away over the years that symbolizes your relationship. Now find a picture of you and your partner to display inside the newly revamped picture frame.

* Homemade Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies
Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? Think of a special dessert to commemorate your special anniversary. Homemade anniversary gift ideas do not need to be expensive or even fancy. Knowing that you took the time to make cookies or another special treat (especially if you're no gourmet cook!) is a wonderful gesture to show someone how much you care.

* Handmade Anniversary Card
Along with your homemade anniversary gift ideas, you can always include a handmade anniversary card. Think of a way that the card could pair with the gift you've created. For instance, if you painted a pretty plant pot, then how about displaying a picture of a flower or plant on the front of the card and include a message about how you look forward to seeing your love grow.

Creative Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

Homemade anniversary gifts ideas should come from the heart and the more creative you can get with your ideas, then the more fun and special it will be. There are lots of great (and inexpensive) anniversary gifts that you can consider if you are short on time or check out a complete anniversary gifts by year chart for more creative ideas.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Ok, look. You've been eying on this drop-dead gorgeous girl since last summer. But, you simply don't have the guts to say hi to her. What should you do? How about this: Try to find creative ways to ask a girl out! Yes. Most of the time, memorizing pick lines don't work. So why even bother trying? The real way to score with that chick is to find creative ways to ask a girl out.

Don't swallow the entire book of "Fantastic Pick Up Lines". It'll reap you nada results. Try now to be more natural and as creative as possible. Boy, if you are successful, she would probably feel that you have swept her off her feet (like totally!).


In first place, why must you go on the hassle to find creative ways to ask a girl out? The reason is simply because, girls (particularly teenage girls) love special attention in a creative way.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Your lucky stars must be shinning on you. Look at some of the tips that we have got to offer you in helping you win that special date! Some of you guys might find these tips a little bit cheeky (but hey! Girls love cheeky guys!) But, seriously, it's worth the try dude.

Do try out these simple and creative tricks to asking a girl out:

#1 Leave her a handwritten letter in her locker. You might have difficulties writing, but just express what your intention is and sound as sweet as possible. She would probably melt!

#2 Leave her a small gift at her doorstop, along with a note, telling her about your intentions and sole purpose of the gift. As a hint, do find out a little bit about her, so as you get to impress her with the correct gift.

#3 Get a white t-shirt and write out "Will you go out with me? Wash this shirt and look at the back to find out who wants to go out with you!" Then, turnover the shirt and write at the back a bunch of guys names, in washable ink. And lastly, write your name in permanent ink. She will wash the shirt and yours will be the only name left.

#4 Have someone trace the outline of your body on the sidewalk in front of her house. Then, leave a note looking like a police report, which includes asking her if she would go out with you.

#5 Get some chocolate Hershey Kisses and make a trail from one place to another where she usually goes. From the start of the trail, leave a note telling her to follow it, and at the end leave a note saying, "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to the dance with me?" Sounds terribly cheeky, but definitely worth the try.

#6 Get some paper and pen, and draw up a crossword puzzle. Set the puzzle such that upon completion, your name would be revealed as part of the puzzle.

#7 Make your own jigsaw puzzle. Write "Will you go out with me" big and clear and cut the piece of paper and form a jigsaw puzzle. Of course, do remember to include your name.

These tips would be more than sufficient to let you win the idle date! But, do remember: Don't' let it cross your mind to ask a girl out over the phone or worst, the Internet! That is definitely a no-no from us. Have fun with these creative tips!

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

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Small House Design - Cozy, Comfortable, and Creative - Live With Style

Small is in. The small house design requires more creativity to provide everything you want in a smaller space. Good design can work wonders.
I want to introduce one aspect of good design and outline why it's a must when picking a small house plan or when having an architect design your home. There are many ways to achieve effective design but this one focuses on how you can enjoy the coziness of small without feeling cramped.
Small House Living Feature - From Wall to Exterior Wall
No doubt you've been in a home that felt crowded or oppressive. For maximum comfort, you want to avoid creating that feeling regardless of the overall size of the home. One way to achieve an open, large feel while keeping the coziness of small is to design at least one room (preferably the main, or "great room") to extend from one exterior wall to another.
Let's look at why this helps:

  • You can get the largest possible room. Having at least one large room will immediately provide the feel of bigness without building big.
  • You can do more with the décor of the room. A large room that extends from one exterior wall to another allows for creating unique "mini rooms" within a room. With the right furnishings, you can create an indoor/outdoor feel, a front yard or back yard feel or whatever you want.
  • Bringing in light from both sides of the room and house. Having windows on both ends or sides of the same room can create the sensation that your home is as big as all outdoors without sacrificing the closeness and comfort you're looking for.

Creativity Extends Beyond Design
As you can see, creativity doesn't end with the design of your home alone. The smaller the home the more interior design becomes critical. Utilize this tip and create your exterior wall to exterior wall room, then get creative with your décor!
Small is beautiful when everything supports everything else. Happy homebuilding and happy designing! 


Small House Design - Cozy, Comfortable, and Creative - Live With Style
Small House Design - Cozy, Comfortable, and Creative - Live With Style

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Creative, Inexpensive, and BIG Value Marketing Gift Ideas

"Tis the season to be jolly!" A great attitude is easy to have when you design your gifts with a lot of thought and don't allow the experience take you to the cleaners.
One of the traditions I like at this time of year is remembering all the people that were there for me this past year. Especially those that didn't receive anything in return for it -- in the smallest or largest way.
Meaningful gift giving does not have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most precious gifts are the ones that cost very little, but mean a great deal because of the time and effort it took to select, or create, and mail.
Here are eight ideas I have used over the last few years. You can use these as Christmas gifts; add them to your "leave-behind" marketing package, a referral thank you, or "thanks for helping me" gift.
It does make a difference if your logo or advertising information is on the gift. It does affect the perceived value on their part and can make a difference in your relationship. Make the choice to add your information or leave it off with their perception in mind. Remember, marketing is all perception and not product or service.
1. Purchase discontinued note card sets from Hallmark and other card shops during the year. If you call and ask your nearest store as to the time of year when they discount "previous season" items, they will gladly tell you. You can save from 50% to 75% on these items.
2. Create a logo candy jar. You can purchase candy jars with different seasonal markings. Then create a stencil with your company logo or web site address (I prefer the web site address). You can buy the stencil supplies and the empty candy jars at your local craft store like MJ Design, Michaels, or online. They sometimes have the mailing boxes to match. Add a bow with your business card. Keep the jar nice so they want to keep it out in the open for that season. Jars for the Easter season are great with the miniature eggs in them and are not likely to get completing jars from other suppliers. After dinner mints are great for the contents. If you return frequently, bring a refill with you.
3. Give a business journal. Borders and Barnes and Noble have all sorts of sizes and designs. For business journals or marketing journals, I usually buy the 8 ½ x 11 size (usually under ) at Borders and then I write three or four marketing ideas in the journal that specifically apply to them.
4. Give a gift they can take home to their child(ren). Most business or marketing gifts are for everyone at the company or for them. Sometimes giving without a "marketing angle" attached increases the impact. Especially if you remember their child's birthday.
5. Create a family cookbook with 10 or so of your favorite (or personal family) recipes. Add your contact information on the back. Use the software, Clickbook ( to transfer it from your word processing software into a real nice booklet fast and easy.
6. Give them a subscription to one of the favorite magazines. I love writer's magazines and writing, so receiving something I am so passionate about along with the gift of learning is perfect for me. If you get two, call the company and turn it into a two-year subscription. You can add to your card this idea if they already have a subscription. Do they have a hobby? Do they have a goal or working on a particular project? There are tons of magazines out there. You can also add to the card a list of web sites they can find more information on the topic. You can send a card with the subscription information in it separately so they know to expect it and to contact you if they don't receive it.
7. If you have great penmanship or creative on the computer, buy blank note cards and add their name on the front of the each card, like "From the desk of..." "A personal note from..." The fact that you took the time always makes an impact. Want to add a little more? Place a stamp on each envelope for them.
8. If they have a home office and you are into crafts, cross-stitch a wall calendar holder. It has a hook, nice border that shows past the large calendar size and business card sewn in with a place for them to hang their favorite wall calendar or you can send them a calendar with it the first year.
It is normal to value the gift to the value of the client/customer. You can just send everyone the same gift or you can match the gift value to the value you received from him or her.
Don't forget your bartering exchanges or the people that just "opened your doors."


Creative, Inexpensive, and BIG Value Marketing Gift Ideas
Creative, Inexpensive, and BIG Value Marketing Gift Ideas

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Marketing & Writing Coach, specializes in product development, Internet writing and marketing, nonfiction, training. Newsletters and articles available at: blog:

Creative, Quick And Easy Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Each year you are given the opportunity to show your creativity with your Halloween costume ideas. The possibilities are nearly limitless once your creative juices start to flow. Creative Halloween costume ideas can be grouped into several sub categories. This article includes a few suggestions to help you get your creative juices flowing.


Halloween Costume Ideas On a Budget

Creative, Quick And Easy Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

When you are decorating yourself or your kids for the holiday and you don't want to break the bank, start with what you have in the house. A Gypsy costume can be made simply by layering all of the necklaces you own and layering several skirts or putting scarves on as skirts as well as putting on a bit of make-up. Ghosts can be made of a sheet or pillowcase and a pair of scissors. Clown costumes are easily made of a sweat outfit and make-up. A multi-colored wig is fairly inexpensive. Dressing up like a bum is always fun too. Jeans, old T-shirt, torn jacket or flannel shirt, and a handkerchief tied to a stick (carrying your candy stash of course) all help you pull off this look. A bit of grime or stubble can be painted onto the face and this costume is complete.

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

There are so many different ways to dress up for Halloween. If you put your mind to it there are many things you have around the house that can make up a unique costume. You can dress up as a head on a platter by putting a table cloth on card board and gluing paper picnic settings to it then put it on so that it goes around your neck and you can only see your head sticking out of the center. This takes very little work but the reactions you get will be amazing.
There are many other ideas but the most unique often happen when you really put your mind to work seeking the rare.

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up like a French maid or a playboy bunny is always fun. Some of the best sexy Halloween costume ideas start with a favorite movie star. If you can think of someone you like to watch on the big screen you can dress like a character they play in your favorite movie. Dressing up like Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie or George Clooney can be fun and make you feel sexy and perhaps even a bit playful at your Halloween party.

Couples Costume ideas

When you and a friend or your significant other go to a party as a couple it can be fun to dress up like your favorite duo. These can be male/female couples or others like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid can be fun. An angel and the Devil together is always a way to make a statement. Newly weds going as a bride and groom don't always go over as well as you would think. Stick with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell or other characters who are usually together.

Group costume ideas

Groups of friends dressing up as the Three (or more) Musketeers, Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends, groups of Zombies, and your favorite rock band lets others at the party know you are together. Groups of witches and wizards from specific houses at Hogwarts are fun too, especially if you can get cousins together and each family dress up in costumes from a different house. Group costumes can be fun to think up and design together.

Whatever costumes you choose have fun coming up with your Halloween costume ideas. Let your hair down and see how creative you can be. If you already have your costume ideas for this year it isn't too late to start thinking up ways to win the costume contest next year.

Creative, Quick And Easy Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for incredibly sexy Halloween costumes? Visit to find a costume that will have all your friends saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" We'll help you find adult Halloween costumes, to make YOU stand out from the crowd!

Creative Thinkers Actually Think Differently

For those of us that aren't creative thinkers, we sometimes marvel-or maybe shake our heads-at those that can solve problems in new and inventive ways. Of course, creative thinkers don't always solve the problem at hand. Perhaps they go off on several tangents and lose focus until they've come across a whole new subject. It can be frustrating to try and keep a creative thinker on task, but if you can do it, the rewards can be great. For instance, you may want to have a discussion about what sort of building material would be best for your new building. You've narrowed the choice to aluminum siding or brick, but the creative thinker in your group wants to start a whole new discussion on how wonderful it would be to buy some kiln brick and be able to hand-fire pottery in the courtyard of your new building. While this may be a wonderful idea, it certainly doesn't help with the task at hand: what building material to choose. But such is life with some creative thinkers. They can do their best work when they're less worried about putting constraints on their thinking-and more worried about using their brain the way they know best.

Many researchers would argue that creative thinkers don't just seem different than the rest of us, they actually are different. Some studies show that creative thinkers have more brain activity in the right side of their brain than more methodical thinkers. This brain activity leads a creative thinker to perceive problems differently than others, leading to whole new trains of thought. Rather than methodically breaking down a problem, a creative thinker will often mull the problem over until they come to a profound moment of clarity. But creative thinkers aren't just painters or people who spend most of their time on potters wheels. No, you can have a creative thinker in a business suit at a financial institution as you can in an artisan community. Problems exist all around us, from the business world to the home. Creative thinking can help in all these applications.


Of course, it's likely that those right-brained creative thinkers are more abundant in the world of art. If you took an accountant and a pottery artist, chances are more often than not the accountant is not going to be the one labeled as the creative. But it is important to note that this mode of thinking is a valuable and marketable skill. When you have it, doors are opened for you. For those right-brainers out there, all they need do is step through.

Creative Thinkers Actually Think Differently
Creative Thinkers Actually Think Differently

You don't need to be a right-brainer to know the difference between a kiln brick and a row of potters wheels. Instead, all you have to know is AMACO. At AMACO you'll find the pottery supplies you need at a price you can afford. From the clay that you use to create the pot to the glaze that finishes it, AMACO has everything the creative pottery artist needs!

Inspirational Phrases to Inspire Creative, Divine Results

What are Inspirational Phrases?

What do they do, who utilizes them and why? Oprah, CEO's and Salesmen are notorious for creating motivating art and posting inspiring quotes in their office of home to inspire them. Many write their goals as phrases for inspiration and post them on walls or computers. A quote or a phrase is ordinary. The key word is inspirational. Because Inspirational phrases or words can produce a divine like influence that stimulates the mind to a high degree of feeling or activity...


Inspirational Gifts Encourage

Inspirational Phrases to Inspire Creative, Divine Results

Friends and family give cards, books, music and art to one another with the hope of inspiring others to encourage, achieve or continue greatness.

Why are these so effective? They have been used for centuries.

An inspirational phrase is different from a quote. A quote is an excerpt of something someone said.

Words plus inspiration equal divine like results.

The key word is inspirational. Inspirational phrases or words can produce a divine like influence that stimulates the mind to a high degree of feeling or activity. Some quotes are inspirational others are like a phrase- without the inspiration.

"Words plus inspiration equal divine like results."

Inspirational words or phrases are so important because when heard they seem to have a divine quality to them when heard. Either the person saying the words are divinely inspired or the person who heard them or divinely inspired to act or inspired to act in a more divine manner.

Inspiration as the dictionary details is the stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity,

Inspirational word or phrase can spark a sudden creative idea or act or solution.

That is why they are so important. why people seek to find them, read them and listen to them.

Literally something Divine happens.

The origins come from the word Inspirare "inspire, inflame, blow into"
An influence that is directly exerted on the mind and soul of the human being. After all the word Inspire literally means from the greek "God breathed" from which we get the word related to breathing in and out to inspire. Opposite of to exhale.

For me hearing inspiring words is as essential as breathing in and out.

How, what and when are you inspired?

While writing this article on inspirational phrases I sent a FB post asking "What inspires you?" immediately was struck by the 5 replies - they ranged in reply from a. My husband (Relationship) b. Spending time in nature, music, exploring, art galleries, shopping in antique shops, hanging out with creative people.

Music, reading the bible ( God- Religion) Reading posts of friends ( I guess it may depend on the type of friends you have -but knowing this person she probably has a lot of inspiration inspiring friends.

Well, I get inspired by reading the inspired posts of my friends.

What inspires you!

Some of us are inspired by nature, music, art other people, quotes, words or inspirational phrases.

Whatever our motivations we are changed by our inspirations.

Looks like many things inspire people and some are inspired by words and phrases more than others.

Utilizing Inspirational phrases seems like an inexpensive and easy way to get that charge of inspiration - my goal is to keep them in front of me at all times as many times as I can. Through books, calendars, posters etc. I'll start collecting those at Inspirational Phrases.

Inspirational Phrases to Inspire Creative, Divine Results

Anita is an inspirational designer searching for and sharing life changing Inspirational products that are convenient, timesavers that make a positive impact on lives. Whatever tool that works from design cards, posters, greeting cards, anything visual that helps Motivate, Inspire, mesmerize, revitalize dreams, goals visions. Sayings encourage people to keep going not give up- power packed promises that help other know their purpose, recover health, Increase finances, security, peace of mind. That uplift and change attitudes, thoughts and self talk. Collections of Inspirational Phrases

Inspirational Phrases

Lots of Inspirational Phrases

How to Be Creative - 3 Powerful Ideas on How to Be More Creative

Would you like to be more creative in your life and learn how to get a flow of ideas on a consistent basis?  The art of how to be creative is like many things, it takes some practice and there are techniques you can use to help you.

Here are 3 of the most powerful ideas you can use to be more creative.


1: Write everything down:

How to Be Creative - 3 Powerful Ideas on How to Be More Creative

Yes, I am afraid this really is a big one... yet ironically so many people don't do it.  They try and keep everything in their heads... all their ideas, thoughts, plans - everything!  How do you think you will develop your ideas and make them real if you keep them rattling around inside your head? The mere act of creation is one of manifesting mental ideas into some form of reality, whether its the written word, music, vocal or art, and so it really is a good habit to get into and is definitely one of the keys to being more creative.

So how to be creative tip 1 - Start making a habit of having idea notebooks and writing down every idea you have down - even the little ones.  You dont have to go into detail, just make a note of it.

2: Don't be afraid to have complete and utter rubbish ideas:

I can just see all the perfectionists running for cover with this one!....because the truth is, that not every idea you will have will be any good or amount to anything.  In fact, I would figure on cutting around 50% of them almost immediately. You see, what actually happens is, is that small ideas ...even rubbish ones, can inspire other ideas which can lead to good ideas.  How will you find the good stuff if you are too afraid to even consider the bad stuff. The key is to just go for it!  Let it out and don't worry about coming up with utter rubbish.

So how to be creative tip 2 - Explore every idea you have and discard the rubbish.

3: Play with other peoples ideas

Now you don't really need to be afraid here of copying and plagiarism.  Did you know, there has never been an original thought?  Because all thoughts are inspired by previous thoughts and ideas, so don't beat yourself up trying to come up with something nobody else has ever come up with before - because you wont find it!

So how to be creative tip 3 - Get inspired by other peoples creativity ideas.  Twist it, expand it, flip it, change it - but just get into it and don't be afraid, because other ideas will soon start popping up.

So that's 3 very powerful creativity ideas for you on how to be creative, I hope you have fun using them.

How to Be Creative - 3 Powerful Ideas on How to Be More Creative

If you found this information helpful and you would like to get more ideas on unleashing your creative potential I have a free ebook I have written called "The Mind Body and Spirit Gameplan" available free at

Dean Hopkins is the Self Help Junkie and is a writer, artist and music producer with a passion for inspiring people to live more , love more and be more by researching and sharing the most effective personal growth and life skills available.

Creative Brand Management - What is It?

In the sometimes cutthroat and very competitive business world, what separates your company and business from your competition? The main thing apart from the product itself is - your brand. You need branding and from this comes about creative brand management. This creative brand management article will tell and educate you about it, what it is, what it can do, for you and for your customers, and how important it is for your business and your bottom line. In other words, learning about creative brand management is an essential part of business education.

What is it? Creative brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand - simply put into simple words, it is the application of creativity to a product, line or product brand. It is important for any business because it seeks to increase the product's perceived value to the customer and therefore increase the brand's franchise and equity.


How does this work? Creative brand managers and creative marketers see a creative brand as an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a brand will continue with future purchases of the same product. This may increase sales by making a comparison with competing products more favourable, and in favour of the better brand. It may also enable the manufacturer to charge more and thus earn a premium for the product, thus boosting earnings. Since the value of the brand is actually determined by the amount of profit it generates for the manufacturer, this clearly shows that creative brand management is useful and in many ways actually great for any business.

Creative Brand Management - What is It?

Specifically, how does it actually raise profits? This increase of profits can come about from a combination of increased sales and increased price due to the premium pricing of the product, and the reduced cost of goods sold, and perhaps even the reduced or more efficient marketing investments.

What does it actually mean for you and for your business? This means that you can increase your sales. This means that you can increase your price to premium prices. This means that you can reduce the costs of the goods sold. This means that you can make marketing far more effective and cost efficient. All these are key improvements that will actually happen if you have utilised the powers of branding.

All of these important enhancements will definitely improve the profitability of a product brand, and thus creative brand managers often carry line-management accountability for a product brand's profitability, in contrast to marketing staff manager roles, which are allocated budgets from above, to manage and execute. In this regard, brand management is often viewed in many worldwide organizations, not just in Singapore and China, as a broader and more strategic role than normal and common place product marketing alone, and in many ways brand management is more important than product marketing.

If you wish to improve your sales and business, then creative brand management is definitely the most important differentiating factor separating your business from the competition.

Creative Brand Management - What is It?

Larry Lew is the founder of Matrix Asia Brand, with vast experience in Singapore and China in brand management communication. Visit Matrix Asia Brand Communication to see brand management services offered!

Creative Home Financing - What is Creative Financing

Creative financing refers to a way to own real estate outside of conventional means such as traditional mortgage loans. Traditional mortgage loans are not always the best option for every circumstance, and this is where creative financing techniques can help home buyers get in to a home. Creative financing can help people with less than perfect credit own a home.

Creative financing techniques are also commonly used by investors in order to gain control of properties with the least possible out of pocket expense.


As the name suggests, there are numerous options for creative financing. Before you choose to use any method of creative financing, it is best if you research all of your options and become familiar with how it all works.

Creative Home Financing - What is Creative Financing

Here are several common methods of creative financing that are used...

Rent to Own / Seller Financed Mortgage

In a rent to own situation or a seller financed mortgage, the current owner of the property holds back the mortgage on the property. Typically, in a rent to own, a portion of your monthly rent goes towards a future down payment. This has advantages over renting because you rent is not going to "waste" so to speak. If you decide to purchase the property at a future date, you can use the down payment portion to help you qualify for a traditional mortgage.

In the case of a seller financed mortgage, the seller acts in the same capacity as the bank and holds the mortgage on the property that you then pay back with interest. Typically, arrangements like these are more common in times when the real estate market is moving more slowly. Both sellers and buyers can benefit from such a situation as the buyer gets in to the home and the seller is able to sell the home as well as collect interest on the deal.

80/20 Home Mortgage

An 80/20 home mortgage is actually two mortgages, a primary mortgage an a second mortgage. The concept and idea of an 80/20 home mortgage is to reduce the amount of liability towards any single lender, finance 100% of the purchase price and avoid paying PMI.

You have several options that pertain to the 20% part of an 80/20 mortgage. The second mortgage can either be fixed or a line of credit. The benefit of choosing a line of credit over a fixed rate in this situation is that the interest rates can often be 2 - 5 percent lower than a fixed rate.

Government Backed Loan Programs

Some government back loan programs are also considered creative financing. There are several state and federal loan programs offered that allow for 100% financing. Closing costs can also be rolled in to the loan in some cases.

Because these programs are government subsidized, income qualifications are a common restriction of eligibility. These programs are aimed at people with mid to low income as a means of helping everyone experience home ownership.

Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders are traditionally used more for investment purposes than for a primary residence. A hard money lender loans money privately usually with higher interest and shorter terms compared to traditional mortgages.

While this is no means a complete run down of creative financing techniques, as you can see there are many options when it comes to financing real estate outside of traditional means.

Creative Home Financing - What is Creative Financing

To learn more about Creative Financing visit where you'll find everything you need to Get a Home Mortgage Loan including Home Mortgage Loan Quotes and much more!