Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

Here are many ideas for science fair projects that are geared toward environmental awareness, renewable energy and sustainable living.

Wind Energy Demonstration - Build a wind tower with small electric motor which generates power to do work or charge a battery. Use an external fan or hair dryer to simulate wind. Supply supporting information from major wind energy manufacturers.


Renewables Survey - Conduct a study on the best renewable energy sources to use in your area, and identify the opportunities and challenges to implementing such a plan. Interview providers, agencies, landowners.

Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

Hydrogen Generation - Build a solar powered water hydrolyzer. Use a solar cell to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Supporting information would describe the Hydrogen Economy and fuel cell powered devices.

Hydroelectric Power - Build a hydroelectric generator. Small scale to have falling water turn a turbine which generates electricity. Research and document the environmental tradeoffs of hydropower.

Biodiesel - Create biodiesel from discarded fryer oil. Show the reactions and the issues around using biodiesel in conventional diesel vehicles. Research new developments in biodiesel generation.

Concentrated Solar Power - Create a working model of a concentrated solar power (CSP) station. Discuss hot fluid flow and storage, load leveling.

Composting - Perform an analysis of various waste streams to understand the potential reduction from composting (cafeteria, home, restaurant, etc.). Supporting evidence on uses of compost or organic matter in biofuels.

Cheapest / Greenest Batteries - Calculate the life cycle cost of various types of batteries in typical applications. For example, how many alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium AA would be required to operate a digital point-and-shoot for 1 hour per day for 1 year. Calculate the extended cost per year and measure the landfill and toxic metal contribution in addition to the total cost. Will require calculating life of various battery types in various applications.

Energy Audits - Create and execute an energy audit in various settings and attempt to measure the impact of various changes. Obtain electric bills or other usage metrics and do before/after data analysis. Focus on specific areas such as compact fluorescent (CF) lighting or setback thermostats.

Smart Power Strips - Some devices are sold that will measure electricity consumption on specific outlets. Consider using them to calculate the effectiveness of smart power strips, and calculate the payback period of a strip compared to the annual electricity usage avoided.

Carbon Footprint - Calculate the carbon footprint of various people you know. Suggest ways for them to lower their footprint. Explain the concept and compare footprints of your users to those in various places/countries.

Green Rooftops - Build a green rooftop and demonstrate the value in food/plant production and energy savings.

Waste Biomass to Energy - Research and conduct a survey of local agricultural or industrial processes that generate unused biomass that could be diverted to energy production through burning or ethanol production. Contact the waste stream generators and interview to understand their issues and the status of biomass reuse.

Cellulosic Ethanol - Demonstrate the process and effectiveness of various process or substances used to break down cellulose to fermentables for ethanol production. Ferment a control and various experimental settings and compare the quantity of ethanol produced.

Clean Water - Measure the water quality of various water sources such as ponds, lakes and streams. Note the quality variations of several samples from the same source over time and from various locations, such as upstream and downstream of an industrial site.

Landfill Gas Power - Demonstrate the generation of energy from landfill gases. Build a sealed landfill with organic material. Capture and show the methane generated and describe applications of landfill gas used to produce electricity.

Animal Waste Power. Demonstrate the generation of energy from animal waste. Similar to above but a little higher on the "gross" scale! Gather statistics on total mass of beef, pork and poultry waste generated in your country in one year and calculate the potential MWh per year of electricity which could be generated. Convert to currency.

Automobile Mileage Studies. Measure the impact of various mileage improvement strategies. It helps to have a vehicle with a reliable instantaneous MPG calculator. Maintain strict controls on ambient temperature, warmup, elevation change, wind and other nonvariables, and vary tire pressure, acceleration rate, vehicle speed, total vehicle weight and other factors. Run multiple nonsequential trials for each and show variability within and across variable groups. Make conclusions on effectiveness of each variable. Predict a target MPG from the combination of several factors and then experiment to see how close the actual values came to your predictions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Design a solar powered electric car recharging station. Using current equipment specifications, calculate how large the station would need to be to recharge a current production electric vehicle. Estimate the cost of construction and years of operation to calculate cost per kWh and compare to conventionally-purchased electricity.

These are just a few ideas for combining Green with your next Science Fair project. Do Well!

Green Science Fair Projects - Creative Ideas For Environmentally Oriented Projects

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Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

Fund raisers can be a lot of work. They can be a lot of fun with the proper planning and in the end they can be very rewarding. Charity fund raising ideas are usually created to help someone or group in need. There are many things that can be done to raise money and they can be extremely fun and filled with a lot of laughs. The planning stages of a fund raiser are very important because it's all about organization and delegation. Many people try to take on a big project by themselves and it is killer to do it that way. I'm not saying it can't be done, I am saying it doesn't have to be all work if you include others in the planning. This article will give some tips on charity fund raising ideas and hopefully some excitingly fun ways to raise money for charity.

Charity fund raising ideas first begin inside someone's heart. The person who will be organizing the fund raising first has a burden for the person or group they are going to raise the money for. In many cases, money is raised for a transplant or operation or illness. It can also be a loss of a home due to a fire or some other freak of nature event.
Once the thought of raising money for the person has begun, then the work begins. You need to incorporate others to come on board and catch the burden because the burden is what is going to keep you going. Charity fund raising ideas will be worth the effort in the end, but up to the end it can be very challenging and you will need help and support.


Many charity fund raising ideas begin with getting a celebrity of some type to either be the star performance or just the spokesperson. It doesn't have to be a movie star, it can be a town leader or sheriff of some type. You can do an American idol contest, or just host a dress up event in which the people coming pay for a nice dinner with a little entertainment, or you can have a performer of some type put on some type of show that people come and watch. For other charity fund raising ideas, you could host a ball room dance of some type in which everyone gets to dress up again. People love to dress up for special events. You can also raffle off items and give door prizes away.

Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

Charity fund raising ideas can be an auction of some type or a huge garage sale in which all the items have been donated. These types of things will require a lot of work and organization, but there is money to be made during these events. There are other charity fund raising ideas such as hosting a dinner of some type and having a best men's legs contest in which no one sees who the man is, or throwing a ball at the bulls eye in which a celebrity is sitting in a dunk tank. There are just so many different charity fund raising ideas that can be done, but remember again do not do something like this all by yourself. I believe that when you do something for charity, you don't have to get all the credit. Remember who the fund raising is for. That is the host of the show. In many cases good charity fund raising ideas will get free publicity. If you are well organized and you believe in what you are doing, then you can get your local television and radio and newspaper to come on board and help you out with the advertising.

Excitingly Fun And Creative Charity Fund Raising Ideas

For more information on fundraising events and projects for your organization try visiting, a website that specializes in providing helpful tips, advice and fundraising resources to include Charity Fund Raising Ideas and more.